Why Being An Average Mom Is A Good Thing!

Aim for Being an Average Mom!

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It is safe to assume we are all thriving for perfection. I have all these expectations I should be great at everything. Newsflash, I’m not. Especially since becoming a mom. Now I aim to be an average mom; which is the perfect goal for me. =)

Perfectionism Does Not Exist

I thought I was a perfectionist, but never did things perfectly. I would get so trapped in my own thoughts I would never start at all (hence why it took me almost 10 years to actually start this blog). Then I would joke I am an unorganized perfectionist. I found myself organized until it was something I really needed, then I would be completely scatterbrained. Turns out, this is perfectionism! So many perfectionists, type A personalities don’t start things because of the fear of being unable to do them exactly right. That is most definitely me!

I’m Average At Being Healthy

I love working out, but sometimes a week goes by and I don’t. I am finally okay with that. There was a time I would obsessively workout 6 days a week and freak-out if I had to miss a day. Not anymore! During holiday breaks or vacations it is very common to find myself skipping multiple workout days because its just not worth stressing over fitting it in.

I Like Food From Drive-Thrus

Food is something else I am very average at. I try really hard, but struggle with dieters mentality that I work on daily. I want to be healthy but I want to enjoy all the junk food! I truly believe there is balance in this. Everything in moderation is okay. Finding that balance is the tough part…the main struggle, and guess what; I am average at that. Some times I binge for multiple days in a row because I have restricted a little too much. All I can do is reflect and move on.

I Am An Average Mom

This is the tough one. I want to be that “perfect” mom. The patient mom. The crafty mom. The social mom. Although, does that even exist? I am beginning to think it can’t, I have had 3 years and 5 months to work on this and I think I have become less patient, less crafty, less social, and more unorganized….but that is okay! I love my kids more than anything. Constantly, I am pushing them to be strong, independent, smart kids-yes at ages 1 and 3. I am building their confidence and giving them boundaries-what I think all kids need. Sometimes I give them junk food. We eat pizza, burgers, and french fries. We also eat broccoli a lot.

My Kids Watch TV

We watch TV; more so than ever…. Sometimes I use the sunscreen with chemicals in it because it is so much easier to rub in-the horror!!! Sometimes I forget to brush their teeth and hair in the morning. With all of this, they are happy, healthy kids. I am so proud of who they are which tells me I am doing a good job.

It Is Okay To Be Average

Stop searching for perfection because you will never find it. Social media is a highlight real. Next time you see that “perf mom” imagine all the average things in her life. When she’s showing you her amazing made from scratch dinner, imagine how much of a disaster her house must be! Unless someone has a team working for them, I guarantee there is a disaster of a house behind them. Advice I need to take myself. We as moms put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect. Be at every preschool gathering, go to all the mommy play dates, make the healthiest meals; all while working and providing financially to our family. Some of us have no choice but some of us do. Give yourself a break and be okay with being an average mom. You are doing a great job!

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  1. Kids deserve a mom who is easy-going, flexible and fun. In trying to perfectionism we all become tunnel visioned on the same concepts, house clean, food cooked, kids wearing clean ready to go clothes, well fed and well taught. We all get so wound up that we don’t realize years are going by and our children are losing out on their mother because she’s too busy worrying about being perfect. The fun way to be a good parent is actually being average. So you are on the right track. It’s all about the children, as long as they’re happy, we are doing something right.

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