Current Season of Life

Current Season of Life

My current season of life looks chaotic, messy, full of giggles, and a ton of gratitude.

For so long I tried forcing a life that maintained the same predictability. Fitness, health, marriage, friends, job. Then we had Olivia. Everything stayed the same, just busier. Then we had Nolan. Everything stayed the same, just even busier. Nothing gave. My responsibilities increased at work. All the activities, deadlines, chores, drop-offs, pick-ups expanded. The laundry somehow quadrupled with the addition of baby #2. My mental well-being began deteriorating and then followed the decline of my physical well-being. I always hear, when you take on something you have to let something else go. But not me. Because apparently I’m superwoman (major eye role here). Somewhere I brainwashed myself that I’m the only one that can do everything and I must be great at it all. My current season of life has learned everything I listed above is impossible, impractical, and completely unnecessary.

  • My current season of life does not involve a lot of exercise. Something that would give me anxiety in the past. I do miss it, but I don’t really know where to fit it in right now. For a majority of my 12 weeks off of work my fitness was daily walks with the dog and maybe one workout class a week. It is enough.
  • My current season of life involves loving my kids so much it freakin hurts. I am so proud of who they are already, and they are only 1 and 3. They are such strong, smart, happy kids and I am so lucky to be their mom.
  • My current season of life is in awe of how my husband does all that he does. I am so proud of how far is has gotten in his career while being such an involved, hands-on dad.
  • My current season of life is asking myself for grace every day so I can get rid of this ugly cloud of unrealistic perfection that hangs over my head.
  • My current season of life is learning how to be a stronger, more confident woman so my children can look up to me and so I can lead by example.
  • My current season of life is to enjoy more, stress less.

What does your current season of life look like?

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