20 Tips to Declutter Your Messy House (That Actually Work)

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How to Declutter Your Home and Keep It Organized (Even if You Have a Messy House)

You need to declutter your home, but don’t know where to start, right? Or maybe you don’t think it is worth it because it’s just going to become unorganized again. Does this sound familiar?

We’re all moms and I think we can agree it is impossible to keep a clean home 24-7. You clean one mess while the kids (or partner 🤪) make another. But, I have good news for you…

My goal here is not to make your home permanently clutter free and clean. I’m here to help you make your life easier by having less junk, more space, and systems in place to make it quicker and easier to clean/organize. Let me show you how.

Easy Decluttering Tasks

When you declutter, everything should have a home. Will it get messy again? Probably. BUT it will take you significantly less time to clean it up in the future. You will know where everything should go and what belongs where and what needs to be tossed in the trash or placed in another area of the home.

Don’t feel discouraged when your beautifully organized spaces get messy. I guarantee you it will take a fraction of the time to get it back to how you want it to look.

I touched on my declutter method in my Declutter in 3 Easy Steps blog post which is a great starting point! Here, I will be going into more detail with 20 easy steps to declutter your home. I am also including a 30 days to declutter download to make it even easier for you and your busy days!

Decluttered Space

Why Should You Declutter?

Benefits of a Clutter Free, Organized Home:

You can’t deny that a clean home will make you happy. Eliminating clutter will allow you to find things quickly and keep things maintained in a way you like, that is functional for you and your family. Not only that, but it creates order many of us need in order to be our best selves. According to Psychology Today; “When things feel out of order, it can make us feel scattered and anxious. Creating order relieves that anxiety.” The simple act of cleaning and decluttering your space can make a huge difference in how you feel mentally and save you a lot of time during your days since you know where everything should be!

The Trickle Effect of a Decluttered Space:

  • When things are decluttered (everything has a space, you only have what you really want, need, and actually use) it takes less time to clean-up.
  • Less time to clean-up = more time and energy to focus on other things.
  • When everything has a home/designated place it is easier for other members of your household to clean up their messes… 😉
  • Having a decluttered space will give you more mental clarity

Before You Begin Decluttering

Before you being ask yourself these two questions…

  • Do you like this?
  • When was the last time you used this?

The answers to these questions will help you decide what to keep and what you actually need.

Once you answer those two questions, go ahead and begin the decluttering process. Here’s how…

20 Decluttering Hacks to Simplify Your Life

1. Clean.

Clean the space. Throw out trash, throw away things that are broken, create a donate pile, dust, wipe down, etc..

2. Enforce being a minimalist aka purge.

GET RID OF YOUR CRAP!! You have to. You can’t expect to have a decluttered home while holding onto every item that comes your way. When was the last time you used this item? Wore the shirt? Wore the shoes? Does it help you? Does it make you happy? Be real with yourself.

3. Work in one small area at a time.

Pick a drawer, cabinet, bathroom. Start small.

4. Everything needs a home.

Everything needs to have a place where you put it away. Mail should have a place. Reusable bags should have a place.  Everything must have a place, otherwise the clutter will pile up again.

5. Create a donate pile.

Easy, right?

6. Create a trash pile.

If items are broken, stained, unusable, really poor condition please trash them rather than donate.

7. Does it make you happy? Are you keeping it out of guilt?

Why have you been holding onto a pair of pants from high school for 20 years? Do you really need them?

8. Keep items together-create categories.

Chargers/chords/cables should be together. Mail should stay together, etc…

9. Start in the most used spaces.

This will likely be the kitchen or a junk drawer. Start there!

10. Set a timer.

My number one tip to make most tasks easier. Set a timer! Only have 2 minutes? You can get stuff done in 2 minutes. Trust me!

11. Flip hangers-go back to see what you have actually worn.

A little hack if you are unsure if you want to get rid of clothes…flip the hangers. If you go through an entire season without wearing something then donate it!

12. Box up things you think you need…if you don’t miss it, toss it.

I do this with the kids toys. Box them up and put them out of site. Do you need them in the next few months? If not, donate!

13. Create better storage.

Sometimes it’s not that you have too much stuff, it’s just your items don’t have a designated place. My favorite affordable storage includes cube storage and plastic drawers!

14. Use boxes/bags while you clean. Label them so it is clear what they are for.

Boxes, bags, piles. Label as keep, unsure, donate, trash, etc..

15. Rethink your items, replace with multi-use products.

There are some amazing multi-use cleaning products out there (that even have safer ingredients). Think about consolidating your products to save some space and money.

16. When was the last time you used it? Does it fit? Set deadlines.

Really pay attention to when you use things. If it is just sitting there collecting dust, it’s time to go.

Mom Cleaning With Kid

17. Enlist your kids to help.

We all know kids love helping! Use this to your advantage. Explain to them we are going to go through their toys and they need to pick out a few to donate to kids that don’t have toys.

18. Listen to a podcast/audio book/music-get in the groove.

I love a good podcast or show to get my through a big decluttering project. Make it fun.

19. Reward yourself.

If you get rid of 5 items, allow yourself to buy something (one thing) as a replacement. Upgrade a few items. Reward yourself with some downtime to do nothing.

20. Don’t be afraid to Throw. It. Out.

Most things you can just re-buy if you miss it that much. I don’t think that will be the case here…but you always have the option!

Decluttering Roadblocks (AKA My House Is a Disaster and I Don’t Know Where to Start):

Are you finding things you are not sure if you will use or eventually need? Here are some suggestions to get you through any roadblocks you might come across while decluttering your home.

  • Flip your hangers around and check back in 6 months (or after the season that the clothes are for). Did you wear anything?
  • When your kids are not around, take toys you rarely see them play with. Put them in a box, out of sight-preferably in a shed/garage/etc… do they ask for these toys more than once? If not sell/donate them!

Products to Help you Declutter

I have a core list of products that make decluttering so much easier! The number one organization and decluttering tip is everything needs a space! Here are some affordable options to keep your house decluttered and organized without spending a lot of money!

This blog post may contain affiliate links. These don’t cost you anything extra, but they allow me to continue running this site and providing free content for my wonderful community. Thank you for supporting my blog!

Putting It All Together

Decluttering your home does not need to be a scary task! First focus on the positives, you are going to feel so good when you get rid of all the crap thats taking up unnecessary space and holding you back! Second, take one small step at a time. You don’t need to declutter your entire home in one day. If you want to do that, more power to you, but it is not necessary. Focus on one small task per day to get your home decluttered and keep it organized!

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