How To Declutter Fast In 5 Easy Steps

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How To Declutter Fast: 5 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Stuff Quickly In Your Home

Do you have too much clutter and not enough space to store it? Having too much clutter can cause a multitude of problems. Longer cleaning times, difficulty finding things, and frustration because we all know a cluttered home can cause overstimulation to an already stimulating life we live! You feel me on this, right!? But you might feel stuck, not knowing how to declutter fast, and the thought of beginning a huge time consuming decluttering project sounds overwhelming.

I totally understand that overwhelmed feeling you may have right now. So many things, but where do you start? I hate getting that stressed feeling when there are too many things surrounding you. Nothing is put away. You don’t even know what you have at this point. But you are paralyzed with overwhelm. 

I am here to help. 

Decluttering doesn’t need to be this huge project or chore that will take you a long time.

I have a decluttering method that will get your home decluttered in no time! No big projects here. We are going to pick away at it, little by little, together! The best part about my plan is you are going to feel so much relief by the end of the day. So put on your favorite music and lets get to it!

The Best Way To Declutter Fast Is To Start Now

Just start. There will never be a better time. We are talking 5 minutes here! Pick a spot and get rid of a few items. Done! Now you will have the momentum to continue on your decluttering journey when time allows.

According to WebMD; “Getting rid of excess stuff can benefit your mental health by making you feel calmer, happier, and more in control“.

Before We Begin, Roadblocks You May Run Into While Decluttering

There will likely be a few excuses that pop-up during any decluttering/organizing process 😉

You are going to come across items that you *think* you need. The things you haven’t seen for years and swear you need them (even though you have not seen them or used them in years…).

You will find things that bring up memories that you may want to hang on to. 

Both situations are fine, but we cannot use them as a crutch in our decluttering process. Let’s try to be particular with the things we keep in our home!

What To Do With Sentimental Items

First…is it really sentimental or do you have guilt associated with it? Does it remind you of someone or something special or do you feel guilty donating it? Really sit on this question.

If it is actually sentimental here are a few suggestions!

  • Take a picture (a good one) as a keepsake. This works well for art, or other projects your kids have created. 
  • Get a box specific for sentimental items. High shelves, or under beds are great storage areas for these boxes.

Donate To A Thrift Store

If your item is still in usable condition, consider donating it to Goodwill (you can get a receipt for taxable donation), Facebook Buy Nothing local groups, or Mom Swap groups are also great! 

What To Do If You Have Too Much Stuff and Not Enough Storage

Before you go out and buy all the things, you need to go through your items and decide what you are keeping, donating, or tossing. Once you do this, you will have a much better idea of what type of containers you need. Take a rough estimate of the space you have. If it is a covered area, go for functionality over cuteness. If it is something that shows, opt for a cuter basket style that is still functional but looks good in your space. This will be your own personal preference and style. 

I Can’t Do It Now! This Will Take Too Much Time.

10 minute timer

If you have 3 minutes, you can declutter! 😉 Go through your junk drawer for 3 minutes. I guarantee you will make noticeable progress. 

Don’t Focus On The Entire House

I know our ultimate goal is to rid our entire house of clutter, but unfortunately that is not realistic. If we start small, our progress will build, and EVENTUALLY you will have methods in place to keep your home clutter free. 

The Easiest Way To Declutter Your Home In 10 Simple Steps

What Are Your Decluttering Goals?

The first step to decluttering is to determine what you want out  of this decluttering process. Take a few minutes to decide on your decluttering goals. How much does mess impact you? So people can handle some clutter more than others. Decide what your own personal needs are. Do you have young kids? Large baskets are best for kids who are unable to properly categorize items while cleaning up. 

We all want a clutter-free home, right? 

Of course we do! Follow the steps below to get begin your clutter-free home journey today =)

Decide Where To Start

We are here to declutter the easy way, not the hard way! The best thing about my method is you don’t have to waste your entire weekend decluttering. Small decluttering sessions will make the biggest impact and give you a tidy home. 

A great way to start your decluttering journey is to pick a place to start. I like to pick small enclosed places (i.e. under the sink, bathroom, etc…). These areas tend to be smaller, and easier to navigate. Drawers are another great place to start. Many times you can declutter these areas in 5 minutes of hard work! This is unlike Marie Kondo’s system of decluttering by category. Instead, we are going to go based on time and ease so we can build momentum. There is no need to spend a lot of time in one area! 

Grab A Trash Bag and Laundry Basket or Bin

We will use the trash bag for trash, laundry basket or bin for things we are keeping but need a home, and another box/bag for donations. I recommended getting these things now instead of just making piles on the floor to stay more organized. This is especially helpful if you don’t have enough time to complete the decluttering process. Things will stay managed in containers vs on the floor.

Ask A Family Member To Help Out

ASK FOR HELP! Especially if it is a family member, since this is likely their junk too =)

I will ask the kids to go through their toys/clothes and make a pile of things they dont like or don’t fit so we can donate them. 

Get Rid Of Unwanted Items Immediately! 

I have a space in our hall closet where I put donations and returns. It helps having a contained area in the home that is meant for these items. Especially when there isnt enough to make the trip. If you have larger items to donate, I encourage you to just get it over with!

Messy Closet

Bonus! Room By Room Decluttering Process

Tidy cabinets and drawers are great, but lets start to tackle the rest of your home with these tips below!

Living Room

If you store blankets or bins in your living room, make sure they have a designated spot. Our TV console stores all our video games. I have blankets folded on the couch and bench seat. Our kid’s toys are stored in their rooms, but when they were little I had a large basket for overflow toys that would be left on the living room floor. It made clean-up much easier!

Kitchen Counters

Bins are amazing for keeping kitchen items together! I like to store tupperware lids under their tupperware match. I also try to be very selective of the cooking equipment we have. If you haven’t used it for years, its probably time to donate/toss! Cooking appliances that do multiple functions are also an amazing swap. Toaster ovens that air fry or air fry that slow cooks are great 2-1 appliances!

Junk Drawer

You CAN have a junk drawer and still maintain a clutter free home. If you prefer to have your junk drawer a little more organized, get a drawer organizer to keep things together! Rubber Bands and baggies are also an easy, cheap way to keep things together too (i.e. phone chargers, extra fridge magnets, etc…)


Drawer organizers and counter organizers will be a game changer! I also like small plastic shelves to provide more room under your sink. 

Laundry Room

Another vote for adding in portable plastic shelves into your cabinet! It allows you to stack up while being able to easily access everything.

Junk Mail

Toss/recycle/shred immediately! If you don’t think you will actually shred immediately, have a “Shred bin” near your shredded and schedule shredding once a month!

Laundry decluttered

How To Keep Your Home Decluttered

It is extremely important everything in your home has a home! Mail should have a designated spot, keys, sunglasses, etc… It doesnt need to be fancy, but everything needs a home. When you purchase new items, they need to be given a home immediately. Without a home, these items will jsut float around the house and create more clutter.

Put things away in their proper place

The next important step 😉 Take the 5 seconds or minute to put things away were they belong. If you can do it in less than a minute, do it immediately! When you get the mail, immediately trash/recycle what you don’t need. When you come home, put keys/sunglasses/purse where they belong (not on the counter). It will literally take you 5 seconds to complete. 

Do a 5 minute quick declutter session here and there. Like my quick 5 minute clean ups, this will help your space stay tidy. I try to do these quick clean-ups every single day. It allows me to keep excess clutter away in my own home in less time.

Checkout My Free Decluttering Checklist

Use my free decluttering checklist to make your decluttering process an easier one! 

How To Declutter Your Home In 5 Simple Tips

  • Determine your decluttering goals. How do you want your space to look at the end? How much time do you have? 
  • Decide where you want to start. What area of your home do you think will have the biggest impact? How much time do you have?
  • Grab a trash bag, bin, basket, etc.. to sort items you are decluttering for larger spaces. 
  • Ask your family members to help out!
  • Get rid of unwanted items immediately! Don’t let these items linger, and eventually be put back on the counter. Make a commitment to get them out of the house asap.

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