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The Best Kitchen Organization Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Clean Kitchen Organization

Quick and Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas

Kitchen organization is my love language. I like my cabinets to be organized and counters clear of clutter, mess, bulky appliances, and I take a minimalistic approach when it comes to organizing my home, especially the kitchen.

I want to share something I live my life by; “clearing the clutter will make you feel happier and recharge your life”. –Readers Digest. So true right? Who doesn’t feel better when their home is decluttered and clean?

When you are first embarking on an organized home, the kitchen is a great place to start.

The kitchen is generally the anchor of your home. Everyone notices the kitchen.

I love the look of a clean slate, when everything is easy to find and tucked away in it’s designated space.

I do not love spending a fortune on organizational supplies, because I find my family’s needs are always changing as my kids get older. Lucky for you, with my methods you don’t need to!

Before you begin organizing, you need to do this extremely important step…

5 Steps to an Organized Kitchen

Clean and Purge Your Kitchen

I always clean an area before I begin organizing, it makes the process so much easier! You might find an entire section of your cabinet is full of expired food, spices, mixes, etc… Throw that crap out. You don’t need it.

You also don’t need a million plastic Tupperware containers that are missing their lids. I promise you don’t need them. If you want to save them for future for kid’s projects, then put them with your kid’s arts and crafts supplies-something I did for a while when my kids were younger. If you are not going to use them for food-related purposes, they shouldn’t be in the kitchen.

Contine this process throughout the kitchen.

Remove What You Can From the Counters

I honestly wish I could remove everything from our countertops, but unfortunately, it isn’t practical for our family. If I ever remodel our kitchen I would have drawers and cabinets with electrical units so everything can be tucked away.

Do you have an air fryer out on the counter taking up space? How often do you use it? Every day? Twice a week? Is the counter the best place for this appliance?

I know sometimes kitchen storage is limited, causing your counter to become a storage place, but if you have an alternative I highly encourage you to use it. Please keep in mind, I was able to achieve a minimalistic kitchen in both my small condo kitchen and my current, larger kitchen. It can be done!! Cleaning and organizing your kitchen space will give you the ability to have an organized clutter-free, minimalistic kitchen. For example…

We currently have 2 things on our counters; a toaster and an espresso machine. I wish all of these were tucked away in a drawer but it’s unrealistic and I just have to deal, ha. We use our espresso machine and toaster practically every day, so it makes sense for them to stay out.

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Group Like-Minded Kitchen Tools Together

Grouping similar kitching items together makes everything much easier to find.

In our kitchen, we have the tupperware in one area, baking in another, coffee cups in a drawer near the espresso machine, etc..

Multi-Use Gadgets

I don’t like to cook, so I don’t have a lot of fancy kitchen gear, BUT I do have a lot of extra space for it if I ever become a great cook. 😉

I know it can be really easy to accumulare a lot of kitchen tools, which will lead to you having to make a decision wheter or not you want to donate practically brand new items.

Do you have an InstantPot? I am assuming you do because everyone does. Did you know it works as a slow cooker and an air fryer!? If you are limited for space; consider only keeping multi-use items.

Some multi-use products I love:

Kitchen Appliance

Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker and Slow Cooker)

Kitchen Appliance

Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid

Pots and Pans

Cuisinart Classic 11pc Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Ask yourself if you really need all the kitchen tools you really have. If you feel really torn, create a space for things you don’t use often. Once you use them, move them to their assigned area for frequent use. This is a great way to be able to evaluate what is actually being used, and gives you time to determine if you need/want it or not.

Kid’s Supplies

When my kids were younger we had an entire cabinet designated for old Tupperware and play food. It was awesome when I was cooking in the kitchen, they would “cook” dinner too on the floor. It kept them busy and happy, while I was able to get dinner ready with a little more peace.

Kids Play Food

Kid’s Play Food

Kids Play Kitchen Pots Pans

Steel Pots and Pans Pretend Play Kitchen Set for Kids


I have been doing this for years. Every piece of Tupperware I own has a lid. Everything else got tossed. I store the containers on top of their lids. There are a lot of Tupperware storage systems out there that are great, but this way is free.

Glass Tupperware

Glass Food Storage

Spatula Drawer

I think it’s fine to have a drawer of loose spatulas if that works for you. In our spatula drawer I have a knife block in the far back, and then two storage containers (one for smaller spatulas and one for larger). Between them there are oven mitts.

Kitchen Organization Container

Drawer Storage Organizer

Pantry/Food Storage/Spices

Lazy susans to the rescue! Your pantry/food cabinet is a good place to invest in storage systems. I use shelves (within the kitchen shelves) and lazy susans to make our small cabinet space more efficient in storing a lot of food.

We have a spice rack that is in-cabinet, and pulls out like a drawer. I love it, but it’s hard to find spices since you are only looking at the top.

I put circle labels on all the spices and included the expiration date to be able to easily find the spice I need. Sometimes I have it organized, but with kids and a husband in the kitchen, this isn’t always realistic.

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan Kitchen Organization

2 Tier Lazy Susan

Kitchen Organization Shelf

Shelf Organizer

Kitchen Organization Drawer

2 Tier Drawer Organizer 

Under the Sink

Under the sink we keep the majority of our “clean-up” kitchen supplies (no chemicals because my kids are still young and can easily access the area) under the sink to store our trash bags, extra sponges, flower vases, paper towels, and hand soap for the sink.

Make it easy

Organization can be fun, but it can also be really overwhelming. You can easily go down a rabbit hole of beautifully organized homes with all the matching baskets, containers, and labels, but it is not necessary to have a clean and decluttered kitchen.

Having a clean and organized kitchen isn’t difficult, it’s quite the opposite! The thought of having to go through everything can be daunting, but once you do it, things will be so much easier to maintain! My house isn’t always clean and in order, however by having systems in place, I am able to clean any space in minutes! The real challenge is being honest with yourself when it comes to actual use, priority, and need. Give yourself tough love and throw that crap out! Or donate/sell. 😉

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