The Best Stay at Home Mom Schedule to Get More Stuff Done

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How to Create a Stay at Home Mom Schedule to Be More Productive

If you have so much to do, but not enough time to get it done, this article is for you!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret here… being a stay at home mom and getting anything done is a freaking joke, am I right? Scary Mommy said it here.

By the time you clean up all the messes and make all the food, the day is likely over with little to no time for yourself. No time for the business you are trying to start, the new hobby you’ve thought about trying, or the new goals you have set.

Here’s the deal…

When you wake up in the morning and let your day take control, the likelihood of getting anything done (aside from the main necessities for your family) is slim to none.

But what if I told you…

You CAN control your day.

Sure there will be days when a kid wakes up sick, the dishwasher breaks, and an unexpected errand pops up, but these are not the days I am talking about. I am talking about the majority of your days. The typical day you always have as a mom. The days with the same to-dos you have over and over again.

Think about it…

Most of your days do not need to be so hectic. You can become more productive with a few easy to follow steps to organizing your stay at home mom schedule.

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8 Steps to Creating a SAHM Schedule That Actually Works for YOU!

Busy mom working with kids

Here are 8 steps to create a functional SAHM schedule that will allow you to be more productive.

1. Do a Brain Dump of Everything on Your Mind

Journal Brain Dump To Do List

Write down EVERYTHING that is on your mind that needs to get done, or you are just thinking about. You don’t need a fancy journal. You can use a basic notebook like this or get something fancier like this. I also love using these erasable gel ink pens, so I can erase errors as needed!

Determine Your Why?

What is your why?

Why do you want to organize your schedule?

Are you desperately looking for more “me” time? Do you want to get in shape and improve your health? Want your house to stay a bit tidier with a consistent cleaning routine? Do you want to feel better about yourself?

This step is very important. Really think about why you want to organize your life, and hold on to it. Your why will become your drive to keep going.

2. Prioritize What Needs to Get Done

What MUST Get Done?

Like, absolutely has to get done. I’m talking; taking the trash out, buying toilet paper, buying groceries, picking up dog poop.

Make a list of that.

What Would You *Like* to Get done?

This is the fun part. You can fantasize about what you would love to get done on any given day. We are just brainstorming here. Want to get a massage every week? Write that down and put that shit out into the universe! Want to get a mani-pedi bi-weekly? Put it on the list. Date night once a week? Yup. Write. It. Down. Make this your quick version of a vision board if you’d like.

What Can Wait?

Ask yourself, what can wait? For some of us, this will be a difficult step. I know it is for me.

What can wait? Nothing!! At least that’s how I feel. 😉

But, think about it…

If you are doing laundry every day, maybe you can switch it up by doing it 1-2 times a week on designated days? This could be a solution to freeing up some time.

Does your home need to be spotless every night? Nope.

What if you scaled back kid’s activities, only allowing one per kid per season? Would that give you a better life balance?

Are you going to the grocery store every day? Is that really necessary or has that just become routine for you? What if you meal plan for the week and only go to the store once a week?

What can wait and what can you be flexible with?

3. Work with Your Current Schedule

Busy mom playing with her kids

School Times/Kid’s Activities

Write out your school/kid times that are non-negotiable.

Drop-off, pick-up, sports, enrichment activities, playdates volunteer, obligations, etc..

Bed Time

What time should the kids go to bed? What time do you need to go to bed so you can get your 7-9 hours a night?

Work Hours

Do you work outside of the home? Or maybe you work from home but have specific hours you must be clocked in? Write that time down. Allow time for commuting if applicable. Stopping for coffee when you are to and from in your commute? Make note of that extra time.

4. Make Time For Yourself

This is important, do not skip this step.

What Do YOU Want to Do?

Do you want quiet time where you can just sit in silence? Do you want to join a book club? More time to cook without the kids bugging you?

Maybe you finally want to start a business?

Is there a new hobby you want to start?

Brainstorm ideas of things you want to do for you. Even if you think you won’t be able to add it in, still make the list.

5. Factor in Your Partner

It is very important to consider the schedule(s) of any other adults that are living in your home. Everyone can’t take a shower at once. So how will your work around this? Will you stagger times so you can get ready?

Maybe your partner would like to play hockey one weeknight a week (that’s my husband). I have to work around that. These nights I am solo for dinner and bedtime routine with the kids. Knowing this in advance helps me get a positive mindset around it so I am not short-tempered or annoyed.

A helpful hint, be flexible, ask for help, and accommodate other requests from your partner.

6. Do a Time Audit

A time audit (very similar to what we are doing here) is a super simple process to help you see what you are spending your time on and how you can create more time in your day just by organizing your schedule.

For my step by step process to do a time audit, check out my post here. It includes a free time blocking template to make it even easier.

Which gets us to our next step…

7. Time Block Your Schedule

I love time blocking my schedule. You won’t be able to add more than your schedule actually will allow, and it’s a great visual to see what needs to get done.

If you are looking for a template to make your own time block, check out my post on time blocking here.

8. Be Flexible with Your Schedule

Remember, this is a framework. Things are going to come up, kids will get sick, activities will change. I recommend re-evaluating your schedule often. If something isn’t working, change it! If a season changes, you will need to make updates. Fall will likely look much different than summer, especially if you have school-aged kids.

Bonus Schedule System

Create an ideal schedule, something to work towards. Are your kids going to school next year? Make a schedule to reflect that, something to look forward to. Many of us moms are in the thick of it right now. Maybe it’s a young child not in school yet, maybe it’s a hectic sports season where each child is in multiple activities. Your schedule should be changing as often as your family’s activities do. Each season and year will look different. With a time blocked schedule, it will be easy for you to make adjustments as needed to reflect the current season of you and your family’s needs.

SAHM Sample Schedule

Here is an example of my current time block schedule. This schedule gives me plenty of “me time”, hands-on time with my kids, and time for my business.

Time Block Schedule

Final Thoughts on Making a SAHM Schedule That Works for Your Busy Life

Declutter your schedule, get organized and get more done with these easy steps to making your most productive stay at home mom schedule.

Not only will getting your schedule organized make you feel good, but it will also allow you to get more done in less time. Who doesn’t want that?

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  1. This is great and so comprehensive. There’s so many things to add to my schedule that I didn’t think about and the idea of doing certain chores 1-2 times a week is something that I do which works really well. I would also love to learn more about time blocking so will check out your ideas on this as well. Thanks for your help x lovefromlisa.com

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